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As part of our ongoing mission to be as geeky and obsessive as possible about a light-hearted sit-com, this page proves that the cast of Red Dwarf are utter fools who no less about the show than Gareth Gwenlan. Here is a list of factual mistakes that have crept in the commentaries on the DVDs so far.


The End


Charles: "And then the bucket fell out of the dispenser and it lands on me toe!"


Not only does Craig mix the past and present tense in the same sentence, he was actually referring to a scene in Future Echoes.


Charles: "I think the viewing figure was only 500,000 for this intial episode."


Engage Geek Mode: The End recieved the highest viewing figure for the entire first series, and the second highest for BBC2 that week, with 4.8 million, which is still quite good for Monday night BBC2. In fact, the first episode of The Office only got around 2 million, and that is an alleged overnight success.


Charles: "The viewing figure ended up at something like 8.9 million for the last series."


Series Eight peaked at just over 8 million viewers. The highest rated episode was Series Seven's Stoke Me a Clipper with 8.2 million.


Charles: "After the first episode, we never did that special effect with you being walked through."


Lister walked through Rimmer on his way to the chef's exam in Balance of Power.


Balance of Power


Charles: "Where's [Petersen] from?"

John-Jules: "Sweden."


Petersen is Danish. Rimmer says so later in this episode.




Barrie: "Where's your bucket of paint?"


Lister has his paint in a tank on his back.


John-Jules: "There was actually four Rimmers."


I'll ignore the awful grammar, and merely point out that Thanks For The Memory only had three Rimmers, the past Rimmer (alive), the present Rimmer (dead) and the future Rimmer (moustachioed).



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