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Recorded: 18/10/1987, Broadcast 22/2/1988

Written by: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor

Directed by: Ed Bye


What is it?


When Red Dwarf breaks the speed of light, time dilates and the new crew begin to experience visions from their own futures. Sadly for Lister his future appears to include being reduced to his component atoms by a rather large explosion. Happily for Rimmer, Lister’s appears to include being reduced to his component atoms by a rather large explosion.


Observation Dome.


Sanity F.M.


1. Holly’s Intro.


HOLLY: I am Holly, the ship's computer, with an IQ of 6000.  The same IQ as 6000 PE teachers.




Thanks For The Memory.


People... I've Met.




Einstein, Albert:  (1879-1955) Pretty famous physicist.


Bennett, Gordon:  (1841-1918) James Gordon Bennett, Jr., American newspaper magnate (whose father, James Gordon Bennett, founded the New York Herald in 1835).  Bennett was known for his extravagant and capricious behaviour, and his name has become synonymous with a feeling of exasperation such as he frequently caused in people.


Frankenstein:  Novel by Mary Shelley, published 1818.  A scientist (Frankenstein) creates a monster by reanimating corpse tissue, and then suffers the consequences.  Apparently, truly stupid people erroneously believe that it was the monster, not its creator, who was called Frankenstein.


Moss Bro(ther)s:  Clothing/suit hire establishment.


Teasy-Weasy:  A hairdresser, of course.  Here's hoping they're better at it than Holly is.


Filofax:  Personal organiser.  For those not important enough to warrant having a secretary.


Lennon, John:  (1940-1980) Singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist with The Beatles.


McCartney, Paul:  (1942-  ) Singer, songwriter and rhythm/bass guitarist with The Beatles.


Green Beret:  Crack military group, Special Forces of the US Army.  In 1961, the best of the Special Forces were granted the honorific "Green Beret" by President Kennedy.


Shapiro, Helen:  (1946-  ) British singer and actress.  Famous for having a hit single at the age of 14, and for wearing bouffant hair.


Ladybird Books:  Children's books, both fictional and informational.


Starlight Ballroom:  Club in Las Vegas.


The song Lister is singing at the beginning:  A spaced-up version of "My Darling Clementine".


The song the Toaster is singing:  "Fly Me To The Moon", recorded by Frank Sinatra.


The tune Rimmer is humming as he contemplates Lister's demise:  The "Death March Of Saul" (1738) by the German composer George Frideric Handel.


Rimmer's second hairstyle:  Holly has made him into a Beatles wannabe.


Yow Twonk!


Plot Inconsistencies:


? Lister has a picture of his father, but he said he was abandoned in a pub (The Last Day, 3-6) and never knew his biological parents.


- Lister's familial life is quite strange. This could either be a picture of his foster father, or perhaps his real father left him a picture when he abandoned him.


? When Cat is wheeling his suits in front of Lister by the stasis booth, it says 'Level 159.' After witnessing Bexley's 'death' in the Drive Room, the sign is 'Level 147.' It is also 'Level 147' in Me2.


- There is a continuity break between the Cat and Lister calling to him from the Drive Room, so it is conceivable that the Cat wasn't at the Drive Room yet, and the Drive Room and stasis booth are on different levels.


? Lister goes from the sleeping quarters (Level 348) to the Drive Room (Level 147) via Level 132. Why?


? Why would Lister put his stuff into long-term storage now, seeing as it had survived for three million years the way it was?


- There is no proof that his stuff *wasn't* in long term-storage to begin with, and just removed by the skutters previous to his awakening.


? If the food dispenser's vocabulary unit isn't working, why can it hold a complex and intelligent conversation with Lister, actually above and beyond what its vocabulary unit should normally have to deal with?


? In the scene where Rimmer is talking to himself with Lister watching, Lister should be able to see himself as well in the future echo.


- Lister stands by the doorway at a point where the Echo Lister would also be were he visible, and perhaps this 'overlapping' of a physical being with its Echo doppelganger cannot occur in the space-time continuum. Thus Lister can only see those parts of the future echo that would never be involved in such a situation.


? The malfunctioning food dispenser produces boots and a bucket. How does a *food* dispenser have access to these items?


- Assuming that the dispensers either create the objects themselves or have the objects delivered to them, it is feasible that the malfunction caused a cross up in the ordering/creation matrix of the machine and switched it with that of a maintenance dispenser or the like.


? There is a problem with the whole idea of 'future echoes.' Namely, why do they appear on the ship? If they are from the future, they should appear where the ship is *going* to be at that time in the future, not where the ship currently *is* in the past. This is because the ship is travelling in space. For example, at the speed of light, the ship would travel 90 million kilometres in five minutes, therefore an echo from five minutes in the future would also occur *more than* 90 million kilometres *ahead* of Red Dwarf (because at the time it was travelling faster than light).


- Since no one has ever travelled faster than light, it is *extremely* likely that most common-sense applications of physics would go out the window since you are doing something that is impossible by the laws of physics.


? Lister can't see himself in the 'space crazy' future echo. One explanation may be that the present situation cannot see the future echo if the future echo ever crosses the path of the present situation (see above). Why then can Lister see his future-echo reflection in the mirror when he is shaving? If this 'crossing the path' explanation holds, then the present reflection should cancel out the future-echo reflection.


- This rule apparently applies to corporeal things, but not necessarily to reflected light images (whether it works with the hologram light projection of Rimmer is unknown, as a relevant situation does not arise).


Production Errors:


? The sign above the stasis booth seems to have changed colour as opposed to The End.


? For the future echo in the Drive Room, Rimmer first says 'You're space crazy,' then the second time clearly says '*You** are space crazy.''


? Lister and Rimmer both use a door in the Captain's Office that wasn't there before this episode.


? When the skutters are hitting their heads on the wall, one skutter (the far one) constantly misses, and the person controlling it cannot get it straightened up correctly during the shot (even though he tries).


? As Holly gives Rimmer a clean uniform after Rimmer's jog, Holly's image can be seen to jump, due to his transposition between the two shots not being perfect.


? The gashes on the non-working goldfish are not visible when it is seen swimming around in the tank seconds later.


? Sound travels much, much slower than light. Why is the sound in synch with the future echo speakers, when some sounds are supposed to be coming from in excess of 140 years in the future??






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